Water Skippers


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Waboba Water Skippers are 7cm diameter high bouncing, fast skimming ball that never sinks!   Polyurethane ball with quick drying Lycra cover with bright colours for better visibility.  It floats on water, for water use as well as a firm stress ball.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - The Waboba Water Ball is a perfect toy for both kids and adults, as it's sized just right for a variety of water games like catch, toss, and water polo. It's a fantastic low-impact exercise tool and makes for an excellent gift for kids.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN - This water ball has a patented 3-layer design with a gel core, making it soft and enjoyable to throw. Its unique construction ensures that it bounces and skips on water, providing endless fun and entertainment on the water surface.