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A Fun Game Celebrating The Wild Rose Country! - for 2 to 6 Players Ages 8 and up

  • FAMILY GAME: From the northern lights to the bug spray, this game has it all - so gather your pals and get ready to explore Alberta like never before!
  • GO ALBERTA: This game is full of outdoor adventures, family attractions, rich history, and of course… Baniff National Park - a little something for every Albertan!
  • GAME ON: Choose your token and advance to GO ALBERTA! You may soon be Lieutenant Governor… or out of the game for eating too many Perogies!
  • PROPERTY TRADING WITH A TWIST: Buy your favorite Alberta properties, increase your rent by collecting Log Cabins and trading them in for Lodges.
  • DETAILS: Standard play or one hour version, for 2 - 6 players ages 8 and up