Compression Sensory Swing


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  • The Harkla sensory swing is designed to help kids with emotional regulation. The swinging motion paired with compression provides the perfect vestibular sensory input, which is calming and grounding for the nervous system.
  • YOUR KIDS NEW FAVOURITE HANGOUT: Harkla’s sensory swing for kids will be your kiddo's new go-to place to relax and calm down. The room swing is excellent for fun and sensory input and helps spark functional communication.
  • HUG-LIKE CALMING EFFECT: The compression of the sensory swing has a hug-like effect and helps your child feel secure. The washable nylon swing cloth is soft, comfy, and does not sag. It can be used indoors or outdoors by kids and even adults who love to jump and crash.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY, ROCK CLIMBING RATED HARDWARE - The sensory swing is safe and sturdy with a rated capacity of 200 lbs. It comes with US Child Protection-certified hardware, detailed step-by-step assembly instructions, and a product course to help you get started with fun and therapeutic activities.