Time Timer Blanks and Sticker Package

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Created for young children or anyone who responds better to visual cues, these blank timer faces can be customized with stickers, colored markers, label makers and more. Ideal for specialized therapies, classroom and playground interactions and managing household routines, these blank timer faces are perfect for communicating more than “time is up.”

Take the mystery out of what happens next by using your own drawings or Time Timer Application Stickers to show exactly what it means when it’s time to transition between activities and when the red disk has disappeared:

  • A school bus for how much longer until time to leave for school or home
  • A plate of food or knife and fork for lunch or dinner time
  • A light bulb for lights off or nap time
  • A swing set and slide for recess or time to go to the playground
  • Any image that communicates what happens next can be used

Use washable markers to wipe off and re-use, or permanent markers for repetitive schedules, such as this is what we do on Mondays, in the car or how we break a particular assignment into segments.

  • Package includes: Three (3) blanks & Two (2) sheets of clear adhesive stickers .
  • * works with the original 8" and 12" time timers, not the time timer plus (stickers could still be used)